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Meet Puyallup's premier hair studio.

At ICON, guests can look forward to personalized attention and uncompromising service in a sophisticated and intimate setting. Courtney, ICON's owner, has devoted nearly a decade to mastering her craft, empowering her with the skills to make your hair goals a reality.

Swimming Pool


I really enjoyed Courtney. My skills in fixing my hair include being able to use a straightener to straighten my hair and I am mediocre at using a curling wand. That being said, I do want my hair to have some sort of visual interest and to be flattering. Courtney gives me a cut that takes into account my lack of hair skills and still looks nice.

— Amy S.



ICON Salon is proud to be part of Green Circles Salons' PPE Recovery Initiative.

This new program is designed to reduce the environmental impact of the salon's sanitary requirements, and make sure that all personal protective equipment is responsibly disposed of.

PPE waste generated by the salon is used to create clean, renewable energy that powers our houses and businesses. The leftover ash from this process is then used to make asphalt and brick.


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