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The foundation of your signature look.

Each cut is tailored with your unique hair type, style and maintenance routine in mind. Your new look is then perfected with a blow dried style of your choosing


Don't forget to add a complementary neck and shoulder massage onto your appointment for the ultimate rejuvenating experience.

WOMEN'S - $50

For women of all hair types, lengths and styles. 

MEN'S - $36

For men of all hair types, lengths and styles. 


ICON Salon is a safe and welcoming place for all people. Please mention this, along with your preferred pronouns, while booking your appointment and you will be quoted a price based on hair length.

all over - $84

For anyone looking to change their base color.


For those who want a few pop pieces in their new color.

ALL OVER + FULL - $155

For a complete make-over. Highlights, lowlights, and grey coverage included.

lighten and tone - $125

For hair that yearns to be solidly blonde or an all over fashion color.


Emerge as a force of pure allure.

Schwarzkopf's IGORA ROYAL offers unparalleled performance in hair color, with inter-mixable shades that cater to any aspiration. Trust in complete grey coverage, ultimate retention and stunningly sharp tone directions. Depth, vibrance, and intrigue with IGORA ROYAL shades.


An effortless look awaits.

The balayage technique offers a more subdued highlight at the base that gradually builds to fuller, sun-kissed ends. Think beachy, blended and dreamy. Balayage is ideal for people who desire beautiful color without the maintenance. 

Each balayage service includes a complementary gloss treatment to seal in the color, tone and add shine. 

Accent - $126

For anyone wanting soft brightness around the face and ponytail.

full - $158

For a lighter look all around while maintaining natural dimension. This is the category most people fall in to.

ENDLess summer blonde - $210

For the beach-iest of the bunch. Includes complementary Olaplex treatment.

Ombre - $150

For those wishing for a new color on their ends.


accent - $106

For those seeking to add pop to their natural color.

full - $128

For a lighter, brighter color, This is the category most people fall in to.

power blonde - $190

For those who won't settle for anything less than the lightest and brightest. Includes complementary Olaplex treatment.

Add ethereal dimension to your hair.

Foiled highlights provide a consistent color from base to ends, achieving uniformity all the way up to your part. Think defined, dazzling, and metropolitan. This is also perfect for people who are wanting to blend greys while going lighter.

Each highlighting service includes a complementary gloss treatment to seal in the color, tone and add shine. 


A silky and smooth dream come true. 

Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, the customizable Brazilian Blowout improves the condition of your locks by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is more touchable, manageable locks. 


A curly and voluptuous fantasy realized. 

Bring life to your hair with a perm. Choose to build definition through separation, create loose and free-moving waves, or go for big expansive curls while retaining your hair's natural beauty and shine.

Brazilian blowout - consultation

For those who desire smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine

perm - $135

For hair of all lengths in need of texture, curl and volume.

spiral perm - $165

For longer hair in need of texture, more volume and ringlet curls.


Updo - $65

For an elegant style pinned above the shoulders

Half updo - $50

For those wanting to leave some of their hair down, but with added sophistication.

Formal all down - $44

For cascading locks.

The cherry on top.

If your day is going to be perfect, so should your hair. A special occasion is always best complimented with a polished style. Match the mood of any event; choose loose and romantic, modern and sleek, or anything in between.


All prices are listed at their base estimates. Actual price may vary depending on length / thickness of hair and desired outcome. Personalized price quotes are available upon consultation.

Not all services are listed. See "appointments" page for complete menu.